Hi guys,


So today, I just wanted to stop for a minute *in my Kirk Franklin voice* and say a big big thank you to all my blog readers. It has been such a pleasure sharing my experience with you. Starting this blog, I was not sure if I would be able to do it. Firstly, I didn’t think I would be able to generate content enough to “fill” a blog. Then, there was the doubt that the world would like my content.


I am constantly inspired and motivated by your kind kind words to me. From my first family on Nairaland, to all my other followers and readers who have (accidentally?) stumbled across this page, you continue to give me words of encouragement and support, and for this, I am very grateful. You do not know me personally, but somehow, you have chosen to support me and my family on this journey. I hope that this is because you all can relate in one way or another with the journey that my family and I have recently embarked upon. This was my hope when I started this blog.



I would like to give a special shout out to my first blog readers. You started this journey with me and have no doubt watched me blossom and come into my own through this blog. Thank you also for all the great advice that you have given me. It warms my heart, when I see readers interact with one another in a friendly and respectful manner here. This was my vision for this blog – a safe place to discuss and rub minds. This, I hope, will be our unique quality.


Today, this vision for a caring and respectful community is stronger in my heart than ever, and I wanted to make sure that I let you all know how much I appreciate the love and support you have shown me thus far. You are why I am here, so thank you!


From me to you all, thank you for faithfully checking in for updates, and checking on me when life gets too busy to post.


Update: Well, please check the next post :p


Till my next post (which will be up very soon), keep marching peacefully with love and respect!


Mrs. O


E se, mo dupe! Dalu nu! Thank you! Danke! Grazie!


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