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I was rummaging through the web exactly one month ago and stumbled upon a post of the same title. Curious to know more, I clicked on the blog post and read through. I had always heard about stay-at-home-mum gigs but prior to this day, I had not paid it any mind. I honestly did not even believe in the authenticity of the sites and their promises of a payout at some later date.


Anyway, the particular post listed about 20 gigs for stay-at-home mums, as well as short reviews of each option. I carefully read through each review and then decided on a few that I would try out. I did not rely solely on the information in that post, I also did a Google search for reviews from users all over the world.


Stay-At-Home Mum Gigs or Beermoney?

You see, a number of internet users globally refer to these jobs as “beermoney” jobs and the pay earned from them, “beermoney“. There is a good reason for that. These jobs will never replace nor pay you anything close to what you would earn from a full-time job.


However, if you find that you have some spare time at home while taking care of the kids and keeping your home, and would like to earn some extra cash on the side to spend on guilt-free purchases (such as beer), then these are good options that you should look into.


Some people spend their beermoney on monthly family outings – lunch at a restaurant, bowling, going to the movies. I find this to be a very good use of the beermoney. As a new immigrant, you may consider the above activities as unnecessary. However, if you were able to make say $50 – $80 a month from any of these gigs, you could put that to any of the fun family activities listed above.


Making Money as a Stay-At-Home Mum – My Objectives

Going into this, I had two objectives:

  1. Try it out before recommending it to my blog readers
  2. Earn $100 a month for 2 months so that I could buy a replacement Fitbit

It was also a great coincidence that I started this on November 1. So, I have one full month of history to report to you guys!

Of the several stay-at-home mum job options available, here are the ones that I tried. I am also including snapshots of my accounts and redacted Paypal and user testing accounts to provide proof of my earnings thus far:



This is especially useful for the stay-at-home mum with kids at home with her. While the kids watch Paw Patrol or Shimmer and Shine, you can make money watching videos of your own. If you are bored just sitting at home, and typically spend time reading gossip sites online, this may be a better use of your browsing time. Lol!


You can also earn money by taking surveys, searching the web and playing games. Each survey typically pays between 25 – 100 Swagbucks (SB) each. Each survey may take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete and the pay is typically commensurate with the time spent in completing the survey.


Swagbucks may be redeemed for Paypal cash or gift cards from Amazon, Bath and Body Works, Starbucks and a host of major retailers. There is no minimum payout. Payouts are based on the available denominations of the gift card that you would like to redeem using your Swagbucks.


My Experience

I found the Swagbucks site very easy to use and navigate. Over the last 1 month, I earned a total of 4,343 SB out of which I have redeemed $45 worth of gift cards. I earned my SB from surveys, SWAGO, referrals and sign-up offers.



Each survey has a “screener” where you are asked a number of questions about yourself to determine your eligibility to take the survey. It does get a bit irritating when you have spent 3-5 minutes answering screener questions, only to then be told that you do not meet the criteria.



Be honest when completing the surveys. There is usually something for everyone, so do not worry if you are disqualified from a survey because you do not meet the required criteria. Also, Swagbucks can be a bit addictive.

You need to think about your time and weigh the benefits of the site against the amount of time you will be spending on it. I personally sought out the higher paying surveys with the least amount of time required to complete.


If you sign up using my referral code, you could get a bonus of up to $5.


User Testing

Now, here is where it gets really interesting. On this site, as with a number of other user test websites, you earn money for trying out new websites or apps. A test lasts for between 10 and 20 minutes on average, and on User Testing, you earn US$10 for each test you take.


For this, you need a laptop with a microphone. As an example, you may be asked to review my blog in terms of its usability. A screen-cast video of what you do while on the site is taken, as well as a recording of what you are saying while you are doing so.


If you are thinking, “Easy money!”, you may be correct. However, you should know that there are tips for being a great tester. You get rated by the clients for each test you take. The better your test rating is, the more tests you could potentially take.


You need to pass a sample test first before you can become eligible as a tester.


My Experience

I have actually really enjoyed using this site. I love reviewing stuff and giving feedback. So, to be paid for it is great. Also, I have found that my experience in testing other people’s websites is helping me as I build websites for my own businesses. This is by far the best option I tried out. $10 for 10 minutes of easy work is great!


As you can see from my reviews, I have gotten better with each test. You get paid US$10 via PayPal exactly 7 days from the second you submit your test. So far, I have earned US$100, taking 10 tests. Not too shabby, right? I have also had spells of inactivity due to other commitments. Like I said, I did not approach this as a full-time job.



You need to find a quiet place to take the tests. This may prove difficult or sometimes, impossible if you have little kids.



Keep the website logged in in the background of your PC and work as you normally would. The site makes a *ding* when a test is available. Be honest when completing the test screeners. Some tests require people with certain specialist backgrounds like IT.


Remember to think aloud as you work your way through the site or app you are reviewing. Your thought process and thoughts form the actual feedback being sought.


Tests disappear very quickly. It is literally the one with the fastest fingers that wins. However, I do not sit around every day waiting for the bell to ring. If there is a test available and I happen to catch it, I will take it. Otherwise, I continue to go about my day as normal.


Occasionally, there may be Skype or video tests which pay more. I have not and will probably not do any of these. I personally find those a bit too intrusive, but that is just me.



Similar to User Testing, and you earn US$10 for each test you take. You also need to pass a sample test first before you can become eligible as a tester.


My Experience

You get paid US$10 via PayPal. Payments are made every Friday for tests done early in that week. If your test was done closer to Friday, then you may have to wait until the following week. I only managed to take 1 test this month, earning US$10.  This may be because I was not always logged into my account though.



Tests are few and far between.



See the User Testing tips above.




Similar to User Testing. You would also have to pass a sample or qualification test to become a Certified Tester.


You get sent a mail when tests matching your demographic profile are available. Like User Testing, you get paid via PayPal 7 days after you complete your test. Other than the qualification test I did on November 2, I am yet to receive an invitation to take a usability test.


Thinking about it now as write this post, it seems a bit odd, considering the fact that I scored 5/5 on my qualification test.



It appears as though tests on this platform are very few.



See the User Testing tips above.



Similar to User Testing. You are asked to give feedback on companies’ products, websites, logos etc. Each test lasts only a couple of minutes but you typically earn $0.10 per test.



You get sent a mail when tests matching your demographic profile are available. Payments are made monthly. The minimum payout is $1.00. I took about 3 or 4 tests before I realised that each test paid only US$0.10! Then, I ditched it altogether.



Tests are few and far between and the remunerations is super small.



See the User Testing tips above.


Daily Rewards

I was referred to this site from InboxDollars because my being in Canada precluded me from joining the latter. Similar to Swagbucks. You earn money by completing surveys. I like it because it is specifically for Canadians and Canadian residents, so I think I would qualify for more surveys on this site.


My Experience

I only joined a few days ago, so other than the $5 referral bonus, I have not earned much. The minimum payout is $30 and payment is via PayPal.



Surveys can be long and time-consuming. User discretion is advised. High minimum payout.



Use my referral link to get a $5 sign-on bonus.


Wrapping It All Up

In total, I have earned US$110 into my Paypal account (see image below which shows $100 inflow. $10 is still pending and will be paid next week), and CAD$45 in Amazon gift cards. Not too bad as far as beermoney goes. I do not feel like I have spent a whole lot of time on this either.


For the men in the house, this is not exclusively for women. In fact, I have found that at least just as many men do these as do women.

Anyway, over to you all! Does this seem like something you will try? If so, let me know how it goes. This has so far been a fun experiment. I especially enjoyed the website usability tests. I will most likely spend more time on these in December and little to no time on the survey sites.




Mrs O


  1. This is amazing Mrs O. Thank you very much. I am also coming to Ottawa this month. I enjoy your blogposts. Stay blessed.

  2. Nice! Definitely bookmarking this. Weldone Mrs. O. How is your son weathering the winter? Hope no colds or the flu.
    Happy holidays.

    1. Thanks, Liz! Please let me know how it goes.

      My son is loving it! He especially loves the snow. Thank God, he has not fallen ill.

      Happy Holidays to you too!!

  3. Hello Mrs O. I was starting to wonder if you were on a hiatus. Good to know you and Jnr r doing ok.

    Thanks for this as I will definitely take advantage of it while being a stay at home mum for a while. And yea, compliments of the season .

    1. Hey Chichi,

      Long time no comment. I was on a mini-hiatus of sorts though, lol! Compliments of the season to you too!

  4. Hello Mrs O,
    Tha nks for this info. Can a stay at home mum in nigeria work on those sites?
    I am temporarily out of job and in need of something to do from home. I also am preparing for my ielts which I already scheduled for January.

    1. Hi,

      You could try. Some of them are specifically for residents of the US and Canada. But it is worth trying and checking which sites work. I will also do a search tonight and post a link. I remember seeing a Reddit topic dedicated to beermoney jobs for international residents.

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