Hello MCF-ers,

Trust you all had great, productive weeks? Ours was good. Life seems to be less stressful since I implemented my routine. Anyway, to today’s blog post.


Ever had that one thing that you had never tried before but always ‘knew’ with certainty that you would be awesome at? I hope I am not alone on this one lol.


For me, that one thing is tennis. I meant to take lessons in 2008 during my master’s program abroad but…well, you know me by now🙂 Even though I have never played tennis in my entire life, I just feel like I will be a ‘natural’ at it because I have watched the sport for decades.


I even know what my on-court temperament will be like and I also have my favourite and clutch shot – a Justine Henin-Hardenne-like backhand down the line. Lol!

See, I even air-practice my backhand and imagine entire 2-set matches that I play and of course, win. Each match, I come back from like 0-5 in the first set. Lmao! I hope I am not spooking you guys out at this point:)



Another thing is giving a haircut. I do not think I will be as good at this as I will be at tennis though. Tennis is my super-hero power:)


I have taken my son to the barber’s on a number of occasions and have watched keenly as the barber cut his hair. I couldn’t wait to one day try it out for myself. That day came this week!


With Mr O in Nigeria, I decided to give my son a haircut on Thursday. My son has really thick African hair and combing it had become quite difficult. So when I told him that mummy wanted to cut his hair, he was happy.


Fortunately for me, my son sits still for his haircuts. He normally can’t wait for the barber to finish doing his thing so that he can look in the mirror and admire his new haircut.


I considered briefly taking my son to a barber’s shop here in Ottawa then I remembered that we were new here and didn’t know anyone who could give us a good recommendation.


The normal Mrs O would have gotten onto her laptop and started researching, but that day, I just couldn’t be bothered. I would have been there for at least 1 hour reading through reviews upon reviews. It was going to be easier to cut the hair myself, or so I thought!



We brought our clipper from Nigeria so we had to buy a step-up transformer to be able to use our clipper here. We bought this $35 one from Amazon. It is a 500W transformer so I can use it with my hair dryer (I have not used that since we got here though).


Anyway, I brought all my tools out in the bathroom and dragged a chair in. My son sat down and I got to work. Let’s just say it was a mini-disaster.! The haircut kept changing with each stroke (is that the right word?) of the clipper.


It definitely did not go as I had planned it in my head. Lol! My son kept saying, “mama, can I look now?” but I did not want to freak him out.

Eventually. after about 30 minutes – during which time I sat on the toilet bowl (closed of course) and crouched on the floor just to get the perfect angle – I was done.


It really wasn’t that bad in the end, but I had moments where I thought and said out loud, “Lord, what have I done to my son?” I thought we would have to wear caps everywhere we went.


To make matters worse, when my son eventually looked in the mirror, he put his hands on his face and shouted, “worst day ever!” He did this a few times over the course of the next 30 minutes. I just shook my head.


I think he was quite shocked by his new look. He usually has his hair a bit high in the front. I really do not even know the correct terminology for haircuts, as you can probably tell already.


I kept consoling myself that if it was really bad, we would dash down to the nearest salon and try to fix it. Worst case, they would have to shave all his hair off! It ended up being lower than I envisaged, but we can definitely go out with his hair like this. Phew!


There is a little patch in front where the hair is lower, but it is not very noticeable, or so I hope.



Well, so I tried one of my one things out this week, and it turns out I am DEFINITELY not a natural barber. I will be keeping my day job (or jobs as it were) :).


I will also leave the haircutting to Mr O and/or professional barbers from now on. Let’s hope that my tennis dreams are not shattered if and when I begin my tennis lessons.


Do you have a one thing? What is it? Have you tried it out? If so, were you good at it? Has any mum tried to give their son a haircut? How did it turn out?


Fridays are now my hair days and officially the longest day of the week! So, its back to making my hair while I watch The Office on Netflix! Have a lovely and fun-filled weekend guys!


Mrs. O


8 thoughts on “I GAVE MY FIRST HAIRCUT

  1. I couldn’t help but laugh!!!! Tried it last month, hmm looks way easier watching the pro do their thing I tell you. Although I couldn’t maintain his “mo-hawk” style, in the end, it turned to low-cut.

    I now try out anything I possibly can.

    1. I know!!! Same here. Lol! I love that you are trying out everything. You will be so well prepared by the time you get here.

      All the best!

  2. Hello Mrs O,

    I must confess that your posts have been very inspirational and have made the Canada dream more alive. I’ve read all of them and even created a Web Alert once you have new post! Today’s own cracked me eh (”worst day ever”!….lol)

    I’m considering the EE path but without accompanying spouse in order to boost my CRS score and awaiting ITA. The plan is for family to either go initially with visitor’s visa and/or stay back and apply through sponsorship.

    I want to know how Mr O will return. Is it through visitor’s visa or Travel Document? The latter I read somewhere that is only issued for PRs with about 700 days of being a PR in Canada. I still have work ties here in Nigeria and have not decided leaving all behind.


    Odunayo Obasa

    1. Mr O may use a Travel Document. I do not think the 700 days is correct. We were told even at the airport (during our landing) that we could do this if anyone of us went back to Nigeria. A number of my husband’s friends did the same thing too.

      Wishing you all the best in your Canadian journey. Update us once you decide!

  3. Hahaha this cracked me up, you are my hubby’s sister, I’ll explain; about 7yrs ago when I had my first baby, my hubby told me that when it was time to cut my babys hair, he’ll be the the one to do it. I asked if he knows how to cut hair and he said very well. Come and see that day….. he cut my babys hair like it was cut with shovel and rake, there was mountains and valleys, hills and plains. When he finished i asked him, brother abeg where u learn work? He said ehn when he was young, his mum use to cut him and his siblings hair …….. wait for it……. with razor and soap and he had watched her long enough to know that he will be especially good at cutting hair. I yelled aaah! mogbe!. Needless to say , that was the last time he got close to my children’s hair with his clippers and goooood expertise.😎

    1. Lmao! That was so funny to read. Honestly, it looks so easy till you hold the clipper in your hands. Then, you are like, “uh oh, what have I done?” It may be nice for him to re-learn the work ahead of your trip. But really, I don’t think it costs much to get a haircut here. For ladies hair, now, that is another story!

  4. Lol. Weldone Mrs. O, bold steps.
    To the queastion of the day, yes, I have always cut my son’s hair with his daddy’s clippers. I give him a nice Mohawk and currently trying layers. It doesn’t look perfect, but not bad at all. I guess I’ll keep cutting it until he’s old enough to insist on a professional barber – you know how kids are.

    1. Nice! Well done! Wow! You can even do styles! Impressive!

      I think I’m done oh! I’m leaving it to Mr O or a barber going forward, lol!

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