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So, I was just rummaging through the internet earlier today, and I stumbled upon an advert for a Michael W. Smith concert taking place tomorrow at The Arena at TD Place in Ottawa tomorrow, October 5, 2017. Unfortunately, I cannot attend it because I am home alone with my little munchkin (can I still call him that?), while Mr. O is back in Lagos.

Seeing this advert made me so sad. I couldn’t believe I was this close to Michael W. Smith and I couldn’t go watch him perform. I was introduced to him by a classmate in university several years ago and his songs changed my life, literally. I remember listening to songs such as Ancient Words, I Give You My Heart, There Is None Like You, Here I am to Worship, Healing Rain, Agnus Dei and Above All at different points in my life.

His songs have uplifted, reassured, inspired, encouraged, motivated and comforted me all through my adult life. I always have at least 5 of his songs on my playlist on my phone.

Anyway, I saw this advert too late. But honestly, the only way I would ever have been able to attend the concert is if Mr. O was in town. It starts at 6.45pm! After researching further, I saw a few other events taking place in Ottawa. I have had my head buried in the sand for the last month that I wasn’t aware of anything else happening outside our house.

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So, my ‘brokenheartedness’ has led me to a new project – at the start of every month, I will create a list of all the interesting events taking place in Ottawa. Of course, I will try to attend some of them. This will be my Newcomer’s (or JJC – Johnny Just Come) Guide to Ottawa.

In between making the home, blogging, running our small business and home schooling, I will try to make some time to see the city, with little Mr. O jr in tow of course! Lol! We knew we needed to incorporate some external fun and educational activities into his schedule anyway. And oh, I intend to take my camera along. I am quite useless at photography so that should be fun…..or not 🙂

Stay tuned guys for updates on my Ottawa Living Tour (I need to find a catchy name for it, lmao). You are all invited to join me on this journey as I explore Ottawa and all its beauty and diversity!

Good night from Ottawa,

Mrs. O


  1. Thank you for making Canada come alive for me. planning to relocate soon buh still gathering funds and isshhh. hopefully, it would be sorted out soon. i always look forward to ur posts, u av a way with words. u make canada real for me. thanks. also bn trying to find a good province to live, i tink il go with ottawa, was looking at NS, buh OT looks interesting. Please pray with and for me that it is soon o.

    1. Dear Oladipo,

      Thanks for dropping by. I totally understand. Gathering funds is probably the toughest part of the process. I pray it works out well for you.

      Did you know that you can use your pension as part of your proof of funds (POF)? You just simply speak with your PFA and they will write a letter addressed to CIC basically stating that you are entitled to 25% of your pension if you are out of work for up to 4 months. Most PFAs are by now familiar with the form of this letter so it should be pretty straightforward.

      Please update us once you can.


      Mrs. O

  2. You make living in Canada so interesting! I’m considering SK tho but you make Ottawa sound really cool. About the PFA, mine has refused to give me such a letter! They say its general knowledge that i’ll have access to up to 25% of my money and that i should quote the Pensions Act! Sigh….

    1. Thanks, Tonia. Glad you like my blog.

      That is quite interesting. I understand from another forum that lots of PFAs are issuing this letter. Do you think you can ask to speak with a “higher up”? Alternatively, can you ask them for your pension statement and attach the relevant section of the Pencom Act to it, with a cover letter?

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