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Hello everyone, and trust that you all have had a great weekend, filled with food, laughter and cheer. My weekend has been quite relaxed so far. Here’s how I spent it:



Saturday was very very hot and sunny. I didn’t check the forecast, but I guess it was round about 30C. It definitely felt that way anyway. After lunch, I slapped on some sunblock and took our son outside to get some Vitamin D and to play outside. What is weird is that when we were leaving Nigeria, I saw two new bottles of sunblock which I had bought.


We use the Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play Sun Lotion Spf50+ when we go swimming and put the Nivea Sun Kids Moisturising Sun Spray 50+ in his bag everyday to school for outdoor play, and also at home for the same. In fact, my son loves it so much (the latter especially because of its fun, blue colour), that he would remind me to put it on before we go out. It is also not pricey, so it fits our budget. It helps that we do not over-use it, but use a reasonable amount at each use.

Anyway, I threw them into our suitcase even when we were packing even though I knew that I could buy them in Canada. Heck, I bought them off Amazon so I know this very well. However, they were new and I was not going to throw money away! I had also heard that Canada was very cold and a part of me wondered if the sun would ever shine brightly enough that we would need to use sunscreen. I guess the sun came out yesterday for me oh!



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We spent our time outside learning to ride a scooter. We always wanted to get him a scooter in Nigeria, but knowing that we were relocating soon meant that we had to reduce the amount of “unnecessary” purchases we made for the last 6-9 months. Our landlord here has a 5-year-old son and we have been invited countless times to play with any of his toys that interests us. So, we started with the scooter yesterday. You should have seen him! He was so excited and eager to learn to ride the scooter!


There was a bigger scooter, presumably belonging to the landlord or his wife. I used that to show him how to ride the scooter. I am no pro and honestly, I had never even ridden a scooter before yesterday. But I had watched enough kids ride theirs that I figured it wouldn’t be too hard. Other than the one minor fall, I was okay. Lol!


In an hour, he had gotten the hang of it……well, almost. He still does not know what to do with the foot that goes on the ground. He hangs it in the air like a wounded chicken when he is coasting. Lmao! I’m sure he will figure it out on subsequent attempts. Or maybe that is the correct way to ride a scooter? Okay, I need to watch a few Youtube videos on this topic 🙂


This exercise was just to see if he was interested in a scooter. Now that we know that he is, we will start our research on the best scooter for him. Yes, I love to do research. Did I mention that I was an investment banker?



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After dinner, I decided to look up the study material for the test for Mr O and I. I mentioned here that we intend to take the knowledge test on Monday. So I figured that we had better at least begin to familiarise ourselves with the study material, or at least know what we were up against. In my first 5 minutes of researching, I learnt that:

  1. We need a pass mark of 80% in order to be successful in the test. 80%???? Okay, let’s see.
  2. 70-80% of people fail the test the first time they take it. Hmmmm, now I was sitting up straight.

I then went on to download the MTO handbook. It was 160 pages long! OMG! I was getting worried now. Finally, I found a few online study guides with practice test questions. I was able to download one, then I bookmarked the links to the others. Passing the test was now appeared to be quite possible, unlike 30 minutes prior when I was sure I belonged in the 70-80% statistic above. I went to bed with a clear understanding of what we were up against, and what we had to do to pass.



Today, I will try to finish up at least the weekly curriculum for our homeschooling and the detailed Week 1 schedule. Then, I have to finish studying for the G1 test tomorrow. For now, my strategy today (Sunday) is to read through the handbook (or as much as I can), then do the practice test questions until I can get 100% in them, then I will be good to go.


I will do another post (a more detailed one) on the test and how we studied for it, on Monday, after returning from the test center. That post will also have links to the study materials we used. God willing, we will have good news to share 🙂


We will do our G1 Knowledge test tomorrow. All that will be left will be our Health Card application which we really do not need to submit before November 30. Our settling in process is coming along quite well.


The best part about the weekend was something that happened while I was out with my son playing outside. We had walked a fair distance from the house with him on the scooter trying to “scoot”. Then we turned back and he asked me, “Mama, are we going back home?” See, my son is strong willed (like me), and he had decided in his mind that he was never going to call this place home.


In the beginning, he would ask us when we were going home (back to Nigeria). Mr O and I would tell him that this was our new home, but he would shake his head and say a firm “No”. He said this was not our home, but was the “other house”. Home just wasn’t a word he was prepared to call this place that did not have his bicycle, trampoline, bed or all of his toys.


But yesterday, he called our little Airbnb apartment, home. Either he has resigned himself to his fate or he is enjoying himself here now, he has somehow accepted that this is now his home. Yay!!!


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Enjoy the rest of your weekend, we sure will.


Till my next post tomorrow, stay blessed!


Mrs O


Edit: We have decided to move our test to Tuesday, as we have some stuff to take care of tomorrow. I guess I can now spend tonight preparing for the start of our home school session tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “MAMA, ARE WE HOME?

  1. Nice… You should try downloading the “G1 Genius” app.

    It has real questions + actual exam practice just like the real thing.

    It’s very helpful!

    1. Hi Zara,

      We have not done the test yet. We intend to go on Thursday. And yes, we will take our son with us. Our plan is to both go, but sit for the test one after the other. Will update you afterwards.


      Mrs. O

  2. AAww I am sure ur son has now accepted Canada as his new home. Well-done mummy and ur blog is awesome.

  3. I think your blog is funny, informative and a great write up. I just bumped into it today because I saw the link on Quora and I stayed up to catch up on previous posts. I am now looking forward to your next post. Well done Mrs O.

    1. Don’t mind me. I only just updated the post recently. I know, right? Every little saving counts. You could still use it if you want to pay for another month, but it would have to be another Airbnb account though. Hopefully, others find it useful.

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