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Hello guys,

So, I want to start sharing Canada immigration news on the blog, and what better way to start than with today’s draw results. Today’s draw saw 2,000 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) sent with a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score cut-off of 458.


According to CIC News, “This latest draw is the first draw to operate under a new procedure whereby in the event that multiple candidates have tied CRS scores, profiles are ranked according to the date and time of submission of the profiles, with profiles that have been in the pool longer being prioritized for invitation over newer profiles. This ‘tie-break’ policy was first unveiled by IRCC as a possible future strategy last June. Therefore, it is possible that not all candidates with exactly 458 CRS points were invited on this occasion.”

Click here to read more about today’s draw.


Any new ITA recipients in the house? Or do you know anyone who received an ITA today? Sound off below.


Mrs. O

8 thoughts on “LATEST IRCC DRAW – 2,000 ITA SENT

  1. I need help on WES. I opened an account in 2013 when I was planning to evaluate my BSc for the purpose of master in the United States. Now that I want to evaluate using ECA for the purpose of immigration, am having challenges editing the account to suit my purpose but have tried and tried. Have called WES several times, they keep me waiting for long with no response. How fast can I resolve this because I need to get a new reference number before sending my transcript.

    1. Send WES an email through their website, explain that you need to evaluate for immigration.

      They’ll respond in a few days and would automatically create a new account for you.

  2. Mrs O,
    I just finished gathering my documents and submitted my EE profile last week. I entered the pool at 413 and expected yesterday’s draw to be similar to the one in May. But to my surprise 🙂

    The new tie-break rule seems stricter but I anticipate CIC will now have to hold more frequent draws if they intend meeting the new immigration target released on November 1st

    Looking forward to the next draw to see what lies ahead and more specifically into the new year. I’ve sincerely started considering the PNP route as last CRS cut-off I only hope was just an anomaly.

    You have mentioned that you went through Ontario PNP. I understand you need a score of 400 and above to get an invite. Do you know if there are specific occupations they look out for or is the invite automatic? Thanks
    Seun, UK

    1. Hi Seun,

      I know what you mean. I too was quite surprised at the cut-off. Regarding OINP, I do not think that there are specific occupations. You just have to tick Ontario (or all provinces) in the section in your EE profile that asks which province you would like to settle in.

      All the best.

      1. I also have a score of above 400 (438) and i ticked all provinces but still i did’t get the notification of interest from Ontario.

        1. Hi Lala,

          I did some research and I understand that NOIs are at the discretion of Ontario Immigration. Not all candidates who satisfy the requirements will be given an NOI. Moreso, apparently, specific professions are still being targetted (mostly ICT). Could you confirm that you have at least 67/100 in the FSW eligibility scoring system? This is one of the requirements of OINP.

          With a score of 438, I reckon that you may receive ITA in the coming draws. This is just my speculation based on recent signalling though.

          All the best!

  3. Hello Mrs O.
    Nice to hear from you. Please is there no way to migrate to canada apart from the high score required of 458.. It seems the score is becoming high.people like us do not have up to that..provinnce nominees are not even getting more people again. Please what can i do to get this province nomination from the province which is 600.

    Please guide me as I will need to talk with you don’t want to tale chance.

    Thank you for your lovely blog.

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Mike,

      Yeah, the recent scores seem quite high. You should look through the CIC website for the provincial nominee programs that you qualify for. I recently stumbled upon this program by Morden in Manitoba. You can also check that out.

      Wishing you all the best!

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