Hi guys, my fellow Canadians and Canadians-in-progress! Hope you all had a restful and productive weekend? Last week saw the temperature drop to 6C with very high wind speeds too! Fall is finally here, I guess. Hello, fall! By Thursday though, the weather was back to highs of 17C which was lovely and a welcome break for us.


So we decided to dash down to the Rideau Centre to get jackets for Fall. We (my son and I) ended up getting windbreakers from H&M. Ever the deal seeker, I subscribed to the store’s newsletter and got 25% off one of the jackets 🙂 Our total spend was about $90 for the two jackets, which I think is fair.


These jackets will only be worn during the fall season though, as once December comes around, and the temperature drops well below 0C, we will need ‘proper’ winter coats then. God help us!





The good weather continued through the weekend, so we decided to soak up the sun, well whatever is left of it. We spent our Saturday at a lovely park in Ottawa. I discovered it through a Google search of parks near me.


What I like most about it is that it is open to the public at all times. Also, it is a 20-minute walk from the house, so I am able to squeeze some form of workout into my routine.


The other park that we had gone to previously is part of a school, so we couldn’t go during school hours and ended up only going during weekends. I had been looking for parks to take my son to during/after the school day, and this fits the bill. It is huge and has lots of activities for the kids (big and small). My son loves it so much!


On Sunday, we heard a small rap on the kitchen window. It was our landlord’s cute 5-year-old son (let’s call him M) who wanted to play with my son! My son squealed with delight when I told him he could go outside to play.


Watching him ride the scooter and race after M, I knew that we had to introduce some playgroup or recreational activities into his curriculum.


He was talking to everyone he met on the road, adults and kids. A little boy didn’t want to play with him and I heard my son talking to the kid’s mum about it. She was laughing and couldn’t believe that he was only 3 years old.


My son is a social butterfly when he is in his element. He absolutely loved his school in Nigeria and was very popular there. On Sunday morning, he woke up and started telling me about his dream about a visit to his school in Nigeria.


I don’t think he knew it was a dream though. He was so excited to tell me that he had gone to his old school and that all his friends and teachers were really happy to see him.




This week, the temperature is forecast to drop to 4C! The forecast for the early part of the week is very good, so I am happy! Today we went again to Dovercourt Park. This time, I was on a mission. I went in to make an enquiry regarding available activities and playgroups for preschoolers.


(BTW I love this picture because I was always concerned about what the kids would do for fun during the colder months. But I see that they still play outdoors, they just are well kitted up!)


I am enjoying homeschooling my son, but Mr O and I think it is time to introduce some group recreational activities into his schedule. We had been hesitant to do so previously because we do not have a car and commuting in the cold without a car can be quite difficult or near impossible at times.


Anyway, I found several activities that we can enrol him in at the recreation centre. The best part is that they are all super affordable. There is a $75  unlimited 3month pass which gives us access to unlimited activities such as crafts, science, sensory playtime, gym play, swimming, as well as their daily playgroup which runs from 9 – 11.30 I believe.


I also enquired about discounts for low-income earners and I was told that discounts of up to 75% are available for qualifying applicants. I am so impressed with this country!


Tbh, even without the discount, it sounds like a good deal to me. We are considering taking him in for 2 days a week, but have not decided yet. This means that my routine will be changing a bit, as there will be no homeschooling on those days.


I will wait at the centre for him though so I should be quite productive during these times. Perhaps, I can get more blogging done while I wait for him 🙂


On a side note, I love the fall season – the leaves started off a beautiful yellow, orange, pink, red and even purple! My son would point and say, “Look mum! Isn’t that beautiful?” Gradually, the leaves have turned a ‘crusty’ brown and my son now thinks they are ‘dirty’! Lol!


I sometimes want to get a rake and help homeowners clean their lawns. But I understand it though. It is very windy and the leaves fall daily. It is “Fall” after all. So, it is unrealistic to expect that they would clean their lawns every day.


Did I mention that I love Canada? I just love how having a decent quality of life is easily available. I am most looking forward to watching my son in his preschool gym class. He loves tumbling and trying to balance on narrow ledges. The gym will be a safe area to tumble himself silly!


My week has started off on a very positive note and I am excited for what the rest of the week holds. Of course, you guys will be the first to hear all about any new developments 🙂


How is your week going? Any big plans? Sound out below, I love to hear from you all!


March On!


Mrs. O


10 thoughts on “HELLO, FALL!

  1. Mrs O

    I could literally visually all your activity and what you described was so beautiful. So jealous you are in Canada right now…………..my PPR should better come quick.

    Your comment “Did I mention that I love Canada? I just love how having a decent quality of life is easily available”………absolutely sums up why I undertook this journey. Can’t wait to give my kids a better lifestyle.

    Keep the blog posts coming, help us experience Canada till we can ourselves.

    In love with Canada already.

    1. Hi Nonye,

      Thanks for your kind words. We are having a blast. Well, on most days that is. Some days, we miss Nigeria and all our family and friends. But we remain very grateful for this opportunity and are very happy we decided to move.

      Wishing you a speedy PR journey!


      Mrs O

  2. Hi Mrs O,

    Currently am at a point of reconsidering our decision to relocate. Asking myself if its worth it, leaving everything behind and all……

    But this post has just motivated me the more. Now am sooo sure we are on the right part and the sacrifice is worth it.


    1. Aww, I totally know how you must have felt. It is not an easy decision to relocate.

      Since we have been here, some days have been tougher than others. On these difficult days, I try to ‘find my happy’ by focusing on all the positives of our relocation thus far, and the positives we hope to get out of this journey (which are on the way by God’s grace).

      I always knew that it wouldn’t always be fun or easy anyway and that there would be sacrifices along the way. Overall, it has been a good experience and we can already see some of the rewards of our sacrifices.

      You will too, you just have to take that Leap of Faith!


      Mrs O

      1. Hmmmmmm, I understand perfectly. I am preparing myself for both the positive and negative while awaiting for our PPR.

        Thanks for the honest words

  3. Mrs O 🙂

    I am sorry but 4C sounds cold lol. Living in South Africa – Johannesburg the lowest we have had is like 1C but only at like midnight or the early hours of the morning and the only reason we know that is because the cars parked outside have like ice on the windscreen.

    Hubby and I went to Chicago last December and it was COLD! That wind humbled me so much Lord have mercy. I didn’t even even know black people could get blue lips LOOOOL. The temperature was sitting at -34C please understand that i love the cold.

    I much prefer winter to summer because i can’t stand being hot, stuffy and dealing with heat rashes also there is only so many clothes you can take off to cool down before it becomes inappropriate. So I love the cold, I was looking forward to Chicago cold… till i got there lol.

    So I am looking forward to experiencing Canadian weather. We will be based in Vancouver so I am not sure how cold it’ll get, from the research i have done between Vancouver and Toronto they are the coldest (please correct if i am wrong)

    I am so glad that your boy is loving the outdoors and making friends.

    1. Haahahahaha! Then you are definitely coming to the right place! I thought Vancouver had very good weather (i.e lots of sun). The coldest it gets to is 4C, so that’s pretty decent for Canada.

      All the best!

  4. Interesting read Mrs O. We have our COPR and will soon be in Ontario. Not sure of the city yet but im sure will have a great time. Glad you and your son are having fun. Cant wait to give for my daughter to experience the good life.

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