Hi All,

It have been a week since my last post. Did anyone of you miss me? Lol! I sure hope so *wink*


Last week was quite slow, right up to the end….details to follow in my subsequent post. On Saturday night, we finally paid for a small and cozy basement apartment in Ottawa’s Carlington region. The apartment cost CAD 1,500 per month. Our intention is to stay there for a month, till we settle down and settle in.


During this time, we will start our (semi-permanent) home search. Semi-permanent meaning the home we will rent till we can afford to get a mortgage and buy our own home. Mr. O and I both agree that it is better to be present during the house search. Also, before committing to a long term lease, we would like clarity around Mr. O’s work prospects and our own first-hand experience of the various neighbourhoods in Ottawa. Of course, good school districts remains a top priority for us.


Based on research and conversations that we have had, we discovered that the preference for landlords in Canada is a lease of 12 months. Occasionally, one may find houses with lease terms of under 12 months, but this is rare. Also, we kept seeing requirements such as pay slips/proof of income and credit report, all of which (of course) we did not have. The alternative was to find an Ottawa friend/family member who could co-sign on our lease. This was not an option for us.


So, knowing this, we searched on kijiji and Airbnb for furnished short-lets in Ottawa. The search was quite frustrating, because just when we had found a really nice home, we would search this site for the crime report for that neighbourhood, only to learn that it was not a very safe area. Then we would start all over again. Worse still, our options were quite limited partly because our budget was CAD 1,500 and we had every intention of sticking to it. Reviews also made it hard to choose. You see, I am a review-holic, if there is such a thing as this. This sometimes ticks Mr. O off, but I can’t help myself.  I estimate that I read over 10,000 reviews when shopping for baby products 3 years ago. So you can imagine that house hunting was no different!


I was quite skeptical about the whole “basement” thing. “How can we live in someone’s attic?”, I kept asking Mr. O. “Ah! We are now the Cinderella of Ottawa!”, I exclaimed a number of times. He would laugh at me and say, “Only for a season, be patient.” Sigh, this is a learning experience for me oh!


Anyway, on Saturday, we found an apartment that ticked most of our boxes – safe neighbourhood, affordable, good reviews, clean house, fully equipped kitchen etc. There are about three daycare centres around the apartment, but this is not so important at this point, since we may not stay in the same neighbourhood after our 1 month rent is up. Thank God! Tickets….check! House…..check!



This our Canadian Fling is fast becoming a love affair oh! I am falling fast and hard for Canada, and our life therein. I can’t wait to update you all once we land. BTW, our flight on Air Maroc leaves Lagos at 6am!! 6am??? OMG! Please pray for us that we make our flight. Lol!

Till my next post…….

March Deliberately!

Mrs. O


18 thoughts on “LONG TIME…..NO POST

  1. Oh Myy… sounds sooo exciting . I cant wait to get to this point .
    Father Lord, please hear my prayers !!!!!!

    Mrs O . I wish you all the best in this new journey !

  2. 6am flight? I won’t sleep a wink at all through the night. I am falling in love with CA too via your posts. Keep them coming.

  3. I really enjoy reading your posts. I was glad when I saw new posts.my husband and I are moving in December and I have mixed feelings,happy and sad at the same time. am happy for you and your fam..pls when you land do give us a review of air Maroc airline… thanks and happy new month

  4. Hello Mrs O, I so love this blog, always on point. Please continue to update us. We shall all see in cannyland soon sis. Wish u the very best.

  5. Interesting read and it certainly whets the appetite. Please continue to keep them coming with loads of pictures!
    And for the 6am flight ,depending on the distance ,is it possible to stay over at the airport or maybe not sleep a wink, lol.
    All the best!

    1. Hmmm….Apologies oh. We are getting ready for our big move. God help us. I may be MIA for a bit……but please stick with me dear blog readers.

      Mrs. O

  6. Hello Mrs O…please where did you eventually get your apartment.was it via airbnb or kijiji. We are also waiting for your next post…we miss you…

  7. Hello Mrs. O,
    I am doing a list of ‘to do’ things before and after we land in Canada and your blog has become my consulting site.

    In your post, you said “the preference for landlords in Canada is a lease of 12 months” Does it mean we have to pay complete 12 months’ rent like it’s done in Lagos or are we just expected to sign and commit that we’ll remain in the apartment for the next 12 months, then pay monthly as at when due?
    Again, you said you didn’t have proof of funds….if we bank our money in a Canadian bank, won’t it suffice to show our bank statement as proof of funds?

    1. Hi Dear,

      Yay and congrats again!! Okay, so the latter is correct – it is a lease agreement or commitment to stay there for 12 months and pay rent when due. However, under normal circumstances (i.e. if the landlord is convinced of your financial capability), the lease application would be approved and you would pay for the first and last month of your lease. It is harder to prove financial capability when you do not have a source of income here in Canada. So, my understanding is that some landlords just reject the application on this basis. Because they are barred from asking for more than 2 months rent, in these circumstances, one would have to offer them 6 months rent upfront. I know about 3-4 people who have done this and been able to sign lease agreements.

      Otherwise, you may need to get a co-signer to sign the lease with you. This person will then generally need to have a credit history and proof of employment here in Canada.

      Hope this helps, and well done on planning ahead!

      Mrs. O

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