Hey guys! Sorry, it has been a minute. Things have been a whirlwind at work, and at home, as planning for our departure has gotten into full swing. I have also been kind of busy taking steps towards some business ventures that Mr. O and I are considering…watch this space!


Anyway, as you would all now have guessed from the subject of this post, I resigned from my job 2 weeks ago, Thursday, June 22 to be precise. Mrs. O resigned! Hallelujah! Boy! Was I nervous going into that conversation! But I really want to share the whole gist with you guys so let me start from the beginning….



My boss resigned the Saturday before I did. Knowing what he was going to do, I had asked that he hint our Oga at the Top (OATT) that I may also be resigning. I understand that OATT was shocked and not very happy to hear this.


So, on Monday, I walked into his office to formalise the conversation that had already started in my absence. He was so busy, and kept asking that I please come back at a later time. We never found a good time to speak on Monday, and since he was out of the office on Tuesday and Wednesday, I finally resigned on Thursday.


I had a speech that I planned in my head. I was going to tell him how glad I was that I decided to join his firm 4 years ago, that I would be forever grateful to him for hiring me and that I had never taken it for granted throughout my time working in the firm.

Also, I wanted to tell him that I almost rejected the offer, based on some negative feedback that I had heard prior to joining the firm. Finally, I wanted to let him know that I hoped to remain a worthy ambassador of the firm.


My OATT loves to talk, so even as I was nervous going in, I knew that I only had to say “Sir, my family and I are relocating to Canada, and as such I would like to resign from my role here at *whispers name of firm under my breath as I type*,” and he would take over the conversation. This, I felt, would give me enough time to compose myself ahead of the goodbye-thanks speech at the end, or so I thought!


The conversation went according to plan for the first 20 minutes. He told me that he was sad to see me go, but that he understood some of my motivations for wanting to relocate. He wished me all the best and made me promise to give him a call if we ever decided to come back to Nigeria. Wow! This was now too easy for me. Everything was going even better than I expected. Or was it just the calm before the storm?


Remember that I told you that I was really poor at saying goodbye here? Well, it turns out I am still poor at goodbyes. Once my OATT finished his speech, I opened my mouth to start mine. The moment I said “Thank you, Sir,” my voice got all shaky and my eyes began to sting. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes so I swallowed my tears and my words. Lol!


My boss, ever so charming and sweet saw me battling to maintain my composure and gave me a handshake and wished me well. *THE END*


Lol. Finally, I went into the bathroom, cleaned my eyes and went back to work. I had resigned and it felt good!



Immediately I realised what I had done, I felt immediately 20 pounds lighter. I was so giddy with excitement, that I wanted to do jumping jacks. I was relieved, free at last. For 4 years, I had worked so hard, sometimes to the detriment of my family time. Every morning for the last year, as I make to leave the house, my son says “mum, please don’t go to work.” Hurting, I always respond to him “Soon baby, mummy will be all yours.”


I intend to do a post on my experience and journey as a working mum, so I will write further about this topic later on.



My heart still dances with joy, as I write this post. 20-hour working days are behind me by the Grace of God! Through this relocation, I get to start over. To find a new career that offers me more flexibility and ultimately, a work-life balance. My old life (or current life, given that I am still serving out my notice period) didn’t allow for a good work-life balance.


To be fair, I have thoroughly loved and enjoyed my time working in investment banking and have no regrets choosing this career path. I have learned so much about myself, fallen down on several occasions, but gotten back up better and stronger. I have developed a strength of character and come out of my shell. During this time, I have sharpened my communication, writing and managerial skills. These, as well as the obvious technical skills that I have garnered, will no doubt be beneficial to me in the future.


I am becoming the best me that I can, and I am loving it. I was fortunate to have an opportunity to speak with Nigerian university undergraduates today on switching careers. More of that to come in a subsequent post. Seven years ago, I would never have started this blog or spoken to a room full of people, but look at me, I am taking leaps left, right and centre. I cannot wait for more of my God-written journey to unfold, and I cannot wait to share it with you all.

I would love to hear from you guys, my blog readers. How is your journey coming along? Have any of you resigned, or plan to resign? Please leave your comments below. I love hearing your feedback 🙂

Happy marching!

Mrs. O.

24 thoughts on “FINALLY!!! I RESIGNED….PHEW!

    1. Thank you very much Lucia. I really appreciate your kind words. Please drop by from time to time, and tell your friends too 🙂

  1. After 4 resignations and in my 5th company, resigning never comes easy. There will always be lumps in the throat and butterflies in the stomach but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do when it’s time to make the move. Prepping my resignation pitch for Canada. Here we come !!

    1. Thank you, Mr F. And this coming from a man, makes me so relieved. I have begged my colleagues at work not to throw me one of those leaving dos where speeches are made, and memories shared. I do not think my mushy heart can make it through one of those. Thanks for stopping by. Please come again, and tell your friends too!

  2. This is going to be me later this week by His grace! Strength oh Lord! Goodbyes are not easy to say!

    1. Amen sister! Will this be your last day good bye or your formal resignation? Either of these is not easy.

      Are you required to serve out a notice, or do you intend to do a “short, sharp and sweet” resignation? Serving out the notice period has not been easy at all. I have had to continue to remind myself to finish strong. I keep praying to God everyday for the grace to finish well. All I want to do is stay home and plan our move. Hehehehehe!

  3. Even though i have my resignation letter typed without getting ITA yet (lol), it would be one of the most difficult goodbyes ever. i have worked here for over 10 years, my colleagues are the only friends i have… it’s going to be a struggle and i know i would shed a few tears.

  4. Hmmmm…I feel like I’m Mrs O…loool…since the day I met my husband…he had vowed to relocate from Nigeria to Canada or America. Currently we are in the process for Canada. I’m a lover of Nigeria, as in ehn when anybody talks about leaving Nigeria to a foreign country, I’m always against it and try to bring out the good in Nigeria.

    But mehn, I am also a believer of having a family stick together, so no husband is in one country and wife in another country. Right now, I am in support of relocation *covering my eyes*. I’m hoping our application for PR (I hope I’m correct about what it’s called..lool) pulls through. This will make my husband so happy, he has been nervous since the day we submitted our application in May.

    I’m happy my hubby introduced me to this blog….I’m now a follower of MCF……*wink wink*

      1. You are correct both times. The route you took was Express Entry, but ultimately you submitted an application for Permanent Residency (PR).

        Please keep checking back, I promise to put up some good content 🙂

    1. Hahahaha! This made me smile. Please keep following us. We are still new, but getting better with each post.

  5. Nice blog …I am presently waiting for my golden email aka PPR . I have my resignation letter already typed out , I will just modify the dates lol.
    Bank work in Lagos,Nigeria is exhausting and I crave the work-life balance I believe my new life will give me.


    1. Awww, when did you submit? Your PPR mail is on the way in Jesus Name.

      Re: resignation letter. That was me since January oh! I kept pushing the dates out every month, lol! But yet, when the day came, I couldn’t do it.

      Yes, bank work can be so stressful and like you, I look forward to a better work-life balance in Canada. For starters, everything runs to schedule, so we can plan better. We won’t have to contend with “no light” and such. The quality of life there will be much better. Amen.

      As always, we must pray that the land there (in Canada) will favour us, and that God will continue to order our steps in Jesus Name.

  6. Nice Blog! Keep it going. Although I’m a PR now with family settled. I still shuttle Naija – Canada. Waiting for the day to get the ‘liver’ ….. lmao

  7. Your son’s request touched a sore spot in me. I bet my toddler would say the same thing but he doesn’t really talk yet. Would it get better in Canada? Would you have to take a pay cut?

    1. Hi Raina,

      Yes, by God’s grace. It will get better. I do not intend to work, at least not immediately. I am soooo looking forward to this:)

  8. Nice blog Mrs. O. I will be resigning soon and honestly I feel like a bird that is about to be set free from its cage. Not teary eyed at all! I keep smiling to myself everyday when my boss keeps pestering me and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I tell him. Letter already typed , just waiting to be printed! Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe

    1. Hahahahahaha!! I totally feel you. It really is a liberating feeling at the end of the day. Please let us know how it goes. Wish I was a fly on the wall during your resignation conversation.

  9. I resigned already. It wasn’t easy for me! But my direct boss eased the pressure. I had mentioned the desire to relocate to her in passing in the past and so she was supportive when I told her the time had come. There was a bunch of other bosses that needed to be informed and she took it up. It still wasn’t easy informing my team members and colleagues. I get mushy once in a while. But other times, I shamelessly sing “I FEEL GOOD!” and imitate a guitar player! Resigning feels so good. I had to give 3 months notice and currently have about a month to go.

    I look forward to life in Canada.

    1. Aww! Bless! Thank God for great bosses. My two direct bosses were amazing too! They too knew about my plans and in fact, they were one of the first people I shared my testimony with, even before I had resigned.

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