About this blog

My blog is titled My Canadian Fling. I created it as my outlet to share me and my family’s journey from Lagos, Nigeria to Ontario, Canada. “Fling” is used loosely to represent a secret romance, as our decision to relocate (and the ensuing application process) was kept under wraps for as long as we could.

My blog logo draws inspiration from the concept of the emigration of several related families from one location to the next, in search of better lives.

I wanted to, through this blog, share our Canadian journey with you all. Most importantly, I wanted to start a community where we can all freely discuss our immigration journeys with one another, share our victories and set-backs, give and receive advice and laugh with one another.

I will, from time to time, invite immigration experts for Q&A sessions with our blog readers, to answer all our burning questions.

My blog will continue to evolve, and I look forward to receiving your constructive feedback.

Happy Marching!